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Get Your Team Playing Outside the Box

Experiential Team Building and Nature – a great combination

A sure fire way to get your team playing outside the box is to consider experiential team building and, in particular, an outdoor version, sometimes seen as nothing more than a fun day out of the office.

While team building is definitely  fun, it can be so much more.

Here are seven powerful reasons why you should consider adding outdoor experiential team building to your organization’s training plan.

 1.  It builds trust. As participants undertake the physical exercises they have to rely on each other, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

2.  Participation improves communication. The shared experience helps people build bonds. This allows them to approach each other more easily when they return to the workplace.

3.  Experiential team building builds acceptance. Group members recognize people’s differences and understand these differences have value. They often see strengths in people they may not have seen previously.

4.  Outdoor experiential team building encourages positive risk taking. People learn to overcome their fears and achieve things they didn’t think possible or were scared of. The knowledge they can do more than they thought they could transfers to their work. This can result in lower levels of anxiety and improved self-confidence. By understanding their own personal risk behaviors, people are able to take these into account in their workplace decision-making.

5.  In addition to these issues, being outdoors can contribute to solving a range of business issues. It is often recommended to help in the following areas:

    • embracing continuous improvement;
    • developing successful leadership and management skills;
    • boosting decision-making qualities;
    • boosting creativity and developing team reviewing skills;
    • achieving greater confidence, motivation, vision-sharing;
    • forming newly merged teams;
    • contributing to Business Excellence;
    • increasing understanding and business awareness.

6.  Classroom based training on teamwork can be effective, but studies have shown the experiential approach is even more effective.

7.  The experience delivers learning in the way adults learn best. It is experiential, dramatic, and novel. Participants learn in real time that there are consequences to their actions. The combination of physical and intellectual involvement results in a more effective learning experience than one that is purely intellectual.

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