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Sports Team Building – Elevating Team Dynamics
Towards a Common Goal

Sports team building adds the trust and teamwork component essential for team success. Unlike other types of teams, sports teams operate within a realm of competition that can either elevate teammates to their highest potential or expose their vulnerabilities.

Adding a fun sports teambuilding retreat to kick off your season can be a game-changer. These team activities help team members develop camaraderie, cultivate trusting relationships, improve communication and sharpen problem solving skills. By fostering a culture of mutual respect, these initiatives go above and beyond the boundaries of the sport, enhancing the overall team experience in everyday life.

Collaborative Mindset + Teamwork Skills = Competitive Team Advantage

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Build a Championship Team Culture

A sports team building retreat at the start of the team’s season helps build a critical foundation. It gives coaches an opportunity to observe their players,  allowing a better understanding of player strengths and the overall team dynamic.

This information is valuable in coaching and team planning for the season.

Sport team-building is considered fundamental by experienced coaches.

A sports team building program offers several key benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Communication
  • Trust and Camaraderie
  • Improved Team Dynamics
  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Boosted Motivation and Morale
  • Problem-Solving Abilities
  • Leadership Development
  • Shared Goals and Vision
  • Stress Relief
  • Stronger Team Identity
  • Better Adaptability
  • Resilience

Incorporating a well-planned team building program before the season can significantly contribute to a team’s success and cohesion throughout the competitive season.

The team at the Red Lodge Ropes course are awesome. It was a great experience for team bonding. They do a great job of creating a safe space for individuals to test their limits and learn from conquering new challenges. We will definitely be back! Highly recommend for any team looking to build trust and cohesion within your team!
“The player’s discussions around teamwork, character, respect, trust and leadership proved very enlightening”
~ Kelly Coulter – Head Coach Red Deer Polytechnic Queens

As a coach I was able to observe each player, giving me a much clearer picture of the dynamics and make- up of our team, observations of which provided a baseline for our team planning. It was a great opportunity for growth both for individuals and the team as they were pushed out of comfort zones in an engaging, interactive, challenging, and most importantly, FUN way!
“Ultimately, participating with NexLevel set the table for individual & team success now & into the future.”
~ Brandin Cote – Head Coach, University of Saskatchewan – Huskie Athletics

Our women’s hockey team has experienced the sports team building program at Red Lodge Ropes Course for years. I have found the program beneficial in helping integrate new players and encouraging collaboration and connection. It is invaluable to me to observe, in a unique off-ice environment, each member’s strengths and weaknesses.
“A perfect start to our season to create a friendly team culture.”
~ Chris Leeming, Head Coach, Olds College Women’s Hockey

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Team Experiences Improve Team Performance.

A research study examined the outcomes of an outdoor team-building day for a youth sports team. Athletes and coaches from a competitive female U14 Ringette team participated in a one-day challenge ropes course retreat. The feedback was obtained via questionnaires and interviews.

Results identified task cohesion significantly increased following the team experience.


“There’s a lot more trust on the team because you really had to trust the person that you’re with and they had to trust you back, especially during the high ropes.”

Interaction / Communication

“I think the ropes course had a really good impact on the way we play. We got to know each other better, communication improved, and now we’ve moved on and are way better than we were before.”


“The ropes course taught us we can rely on each other because we know we are not going to let each other down; we were by each others side during the ropes courses and it definitely had a huge impact on how we are today.”


“Teamwork and interacting with each other have improved on the team, we learned that you have to help each other because you’d never be able to accomplish anything alone.”


“We are congratulating each other more and when a goal is scored on us we go tap [the goal tender’s] pads and say, “shake it off.” I have found it’s made a big difference.”

Team Development

“I liked the low ropes because you had to build on your team strengths by figuring out the best way to complete the activity. You had to be patient and not get frustrated cause not everyone has the same strengths as you.”

If you want your team to bond and learn essential teamwork skills, we can help!