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Corporate Team Building -
Unleash Your Team's Potential

Team building and group retreats are a dynamic and proven strategy for leaders and teams to rejuvenate their bonds and establish lasting connections.

Welcome to our Red Lodge Retreat Centre, a division of NexLevel, where we empower your team with the skills and confidence needed to unlock unprecedented collaborative growth. Together, we overcome challenges and gain insight into how each member influences the overall success of the team

Empower Your Team for Success

In today’s rapidly evolving world, adaptability, efficiency, and innovation are essential for any team’s success.

By temporarily removing your team from their everyday work environment and providing an escape from technology, we enhance their ability to concentrate and analyze complex issues. Plus, having a blast along the way doesn’t hurt!

The Power of a 4-hour Team Retreat – Research has shown that participation in a 4-hour outdoor team retreat has a profound impact:

  • Elevated Leadership: It significantly boosts leadership skills.
  • Enhanced Work Efficacy: Teams experience a notable increase in work effectiveness.
  • Lasting Results: The positive effects endure over time.

At the Red Lodge Retreat Centre, we start with a Discovery Assessment to gain insights into your unique team dynamics. With this knowledge, we design a tailored experience that aligns with your team’s specific needs and objectives.

corporate team building activity

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Fun + Connection + Learning = An Exceptional Day!

Bermuda Triangle
Team Building Activity
Team Cheering
Outdoor Team Building Spider Web Activity
Whale Watch Fun

Elevate Your Team’s Potential with a Red Lodge Retreat

We appreciate the demands on your time and understand the value of every moment. That’s why we’re here to help your team connect swiftly and profoundly.

At our Red Lodge Retreat Centre, we offer exceptional experiences designed to encourage team members to explore beyond their comfort zones, discover their strengths, and identify opportunities for mutual support. Our programs are carefully crafted to promote effective team collaboration, creating spaces that nurture personal and collective growth while celebrating achievements.

Our team of professional facilitators will expertly guide your group through a series of engaging low and high-adventure activities tailored to achieve your specific objectives, no matter what they may be.

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Corporate Team Building creates High-Performance Teams that will:

Trust One Another

Escape the
digital world

Commit to Decisions

Empower Leaders

team bonds

Our retreat with NexLevel at Red Lodge Ropes Course compelled our team to communicate, strategize and really work together. Expert facilitation helped us understand how our actions were indicative of actions in our day to day lives and how they impacted our success.
Thank you NexLevel team for the valuable, positive and fun experience.
~ HR Director – STEP Energy Services

The NexLevel team did an outstanding job in organizing a retreat that focused on real TEAM work. Their commitment to such shines through with their professionalism and supportive approach to ensure everyone is engaged.
A great way to get your team working better together!
~Don Moisson, VP Prairie Lube Ltd.

Fantastic experience, well run, and so much fun! Loved our team-building experience at Red Lodge Ropes Course.
We will definitely be back.
~Michelle Cotton, President Solstice Environmental Management 

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