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Putting Company Values into Play – a Leader in the Petro Chemicals Industry

Company Values, Driving Change, Helping People

We recently worked with a company that was very clear on their company values and the corporate culture they wanted to create. When you’re a company that wants to drive change by helping people “see the why and the way,” and to “seek and remove constraints,” a day at the ropes course is the perfect way to put those values into play and learn more about themselves as a team.

Naturally, for a team that wants to “inspire others to think big and drive for greatness,” the high ropes course had to be a part of their day and it was a big highlight. Nothing gets your team working together faster than the high ropes because they have to up their focus, collaboration and their communication to conquer the challenge.

“Being up on the course is not something you do very often, so it was a great experience.”

“We are high functioning and close knit,” our “ability to challenge and support each other,” showed us that, “we are a great team, and can continue to get better.”

Experiential Learning creating Valuable Ah-ha Moments

One of the things this team really appreciated about the day at Red Lodge Ropes Course was realizing the lessons they learned from each of the challenges, could actually be applied back in the office.

Some of their amazing takeaways from the day:

We can collaborate and work together to overcome any obstacles.

The potential leadership among the team.

To be more understanding of fears and uncertainty.

Speak up more.

Being accountable to my team.

When they got off the course they were still flying high and raving about the experience. This is why their team members think other companies should come out and experience a team training challenge.

It’s a fulfilling day of team building.

There’s a great connection of practical learning to take back to the workplace.

The location, setting, and quality of instruction.

It’s a good way to challenge yourself and challenge your team.

The excellent facilitation was very interactive and encompassing.

It is challenging and rewarding.

Get out of the work environment and explore teamwork and work relationships.

When you want your team to get insights about themselves and each other like they’ve never gotten before, you have to give them a kind of day they’ve never experienced before. Let us customize an unforgettable day for your team. Contact us today!