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Even the Most Forward Thinking Companies Need to Get Insight – TWT Group

Forward Thinking Practices

TWT Group is a company that prides itself on forward-thinking practices and an interactive culture of growth. We’ve seen few companies score so well on the Nexlevel Challenge Satisfaction Survey. It compares the perceptions of the management team to the perceptions of the team members, on all the key areas of corporate operations. [Learn more about the survey here.] But even high functioning teams like this one, have a few challenges to overcome and insights to gain.

High Achievers

When a company has so many high achievers playing at the top of their game, it’s easy to think you have it all under control. We knew our job was to give them experiences to highlight the need to stop and think a little more, before rushing into a project or racing to the finish line.

“There are many times when we think we’re going great but there are always areas for improvement.”

One of the greatest insights they received was leading by “being the loudest” is not an effective strategy. There are times when you need to “back down and follow” someone else to achieve the goal, and other times where you have to “look inward” for the solution. Blaming the circumstances or situation will leave you stuck for a lot longer than you need to be.

By the end of the day, they realized they could succeed faster when they created a better sense of calm by “communicating more effectively and having more fun.”

Do you have a team of high achievers and want to excel faster? Let us customize a day of insights for you and your team. Contact us now to book a discovery call.