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Communication, Collaboration and Trust – Olds College Women’s Hockey Team

Communication, Collaboration and Trust – key components of a winning team

Communication is a key component to creating a winning team. You simply can’t make great plays, without having team members who communicate, collaborate and trust each other. This was the breakthrough for the Olds College Women’s Hockey Team.

Quick integration of new players

Starting the season with several new players meant they had to integrate them quickly. The fastest way to get that done is to push each player outside their comfort zone, so they have to learn how to rely on each other, instead of just relying on their individual skills.

“We learned to trust each other as the day progressed.”

“We work better together when we are all positive and encouraging.”

Adding contribution and accountability components

There are always star players on every team but it’s easy for them to get shut down when you face an opponent with great defensive skills. It’s at that point contribution and accountability from everyone on the team is necessary. It’s the only way you’re going to win consistently. We selected the day’s experiences with that objective in mind.

The biggest goal on the agenda was to help the players understand what it means to be part of a team, how to behave in it and who’s responsible for the team’s success.

“We were reminded everyone has something that will freak them out a bit,” but “getting to know everybody better” and learning how to help “to support my teammates over obstacles,” is what will make a winning team at the end of the day.

The high ropes challenged these young women to face some personal fears and to encourage each other to go farther because they had support from one another.

“We did a really good job trusting each other and pushing each other’s boundaries.”

“Listening to each other’s ideas and plans,” while “staying positive and slowing things down,” was how they conquered the high ropes course.

Finally looking at patience and consistency

In any sport, you have to be able to speed up to score and most teams have that down really well. But you must also have the patience to work the play and stick with the plan if you want to go all the way. That’s where most teams are lacking in consistency. The ropes course makes you think about both and it makes you develop patience.

“I learned to keep my head up, know what’s going on with everyone and to be there.”

“Stepping into a leadership role, being more vocal and asking questions when needed,” created success.

“The farther we went as a team the more we accomplished.”

The end result for this team, after an overnight adventure at the Red Lodge Ropes Course:

“A stronger bond with teammates because we learned more about each other and we learned how to trust in each other.”

The Red Lodge Ropes Course offers rustic accommodations for those teams who want to extend the experience overnight. Call us today to find out more.